Make 2011 the year of resistance!

New Year Message of the Communist Party of Ireland

Comrades and compatriots,
     Let us make 2011 the year of struggle and resistance. Let us build the forces that will defeat the arbitrary rule and diktat of the European Union and International Monetary Fund. Let us begin to reclaim the destiny of our country and that of future generations from the grip of monopoly capitalism and from domination by imperialism.
     Lets us turn 2011 into a year of hope and resistance, of ending the despair and fatalism and the economic chaos that the establishment have plunged our country into. There is an alternative to the rule of international bankers and transnational corporations, to the self-serving, greed-driven gombeenism of the establishment parties.
     We can draw inspiration from the struggles of our ancestors, who, against all the odds, dared to dream of a better future, who aspired to having greater control over their lives, who wanted their children to grow with them and to share this common land of ours, not having to see them take the boat or plane to another place to find work and establish a future for themselves.
     The future of our people lies in the building of a socialist Ireland, an all-Ireland community of solidarity and co-operation among our people—an Ireland in which the wealth is owned and shared by the people. Let us make 2011 the first step in the building of a new Ireland. Let us begin to fulfil the legacy of Tone, Larkin, Markievicz, Connolly, and Pearse. A better Ireland can be built, by our actions today and tomorrow.

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