Demand an end to the blockade

Statement by the Embassy of Cuba, Dublin, March 2019

Only a few weeks have passed and we already have new evidence that the Donald Trump government refuses to listen to the voices that from all sides claim that the policy of the economic blockade against Cuba should be stopped because it is obsolete, criminal and violates international law.
     On the contrary, he hears the warmongering voices of his environment, which insist on intensifying this blockade.
     Now they have opened the possibility to establish lawsuits against Cuban companies.
     Let's not deceive ourselves, they will not stop here, the ultimate goal is to cause severe damage to Cuba's foreign trade and cancel the process of foreign investments in Cuba, in order to achieve it they have to attack the interests of foreign companies that sovereignly do business with Cuba.
     The State Department already threaten that after 30 days they could open the possibility of establishing lawsuits against foreign companies.
     They will do so unless actions are taken that are effective enough to persuade them otherwise.
     The Cuban people will suffer new privations, but thousands of citizens and hundreds of foreign companies that do business with Cuba will also be harmed; some millions of people if we consider the possible damage to the tourism industry. Many more millions of people if we consider the possible damages to the continuity of cooperation that Cuba modestly offers to dozens of countries in the world.
     The Government and the Cuban people request the governments and peoples that have accompanied us for 27 years in the United Nations in the international demand to end the blockade, to continue raising their voices.
     Please see and share the new Declaration of the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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