Letter of protest to the ambassador of Poland

2 September 2017

     Today’s protest (Saturday 2 September) was called by our party but also includes members of other political parties, anti-fascists, and trade unionists. We request that you pass on this letter of protest to your government.
     The law passed by the Polish government to remove anti-fascist and Red Army memorials throughout Poland is a grievous insult to the memory of the millions of Red Army soldiers who gave their lives in the heroic struggle to defeat German fascism.
     No amount of reactionary historical revisionism can blot from history the absolute historical fact that the Red Army bore the brunt of the fighting against fascism, and suffered the greatest casualties, in its selfless struggle to defeat fascism and liberate the peoples of Europe.
     Not only is it an insult to the memory of the many Red Army soldiers who died fighting to liberate Poland but it is an insult also to the many brave anti-fascist Polish resistance fighters who fought alongside the Red Army in the struggle to liberate Poland. It is also an insult to the hundreds of thousands of Jews, trade unionists, gay people and communists who were liberated from the fascist death camps in Poland.
     We demand that the Polish government end its war on Polish anti-fascist history and its reactionary approach to war memorials dedicated to keeping alive the sacrifice made by the Red Army in the fight against fascism.
     Those who forget or fail to learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat the mistakes of history.

     Eugene Mc Cartan
     On behalf of all Irish anti-fascists

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