Stop the bosses’ bullyboy tactics!

Statement by the Communist Party of Ireland
24 November 2005

The decision of the Irish Ferries management to step up its pressure and bullyboy tactics on its workers today, by placing security guards in flak jackets on its ferry, in addition having two busloads of eastern European workers—around seventy people—waiting to board its ferry when it docked in Pembroke in Wales, should be condemned and needs to be resisted by whatever means necessary by all of the Irish trade union movement.
    This is a well-coordinated attack by the management and needs to be met with the full resistance of the Irish trade union movement and all Irish workers. They are attempting to use eastern European workers as a Trojan horse to break union organisation and force wages and conditions to rock bottom. Eastern European workers are welcome, but at Irish rates of pay and working conditions. Nothing less will do.
    It is now clear that neither the management of Irish Ferries nor the Government are listening.
    The Irish trade union movement now needs to call upon the support and solidarity of both the British and French dockers and seafarers to stop Irish Ferries from using ports in both these countries, as long as it persists in its present actions and policy.

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