Stop Garda brutality!

Statement by the Communist Party of Ireland
10 November 2006

The Minister for Communications, Marine and Natural Resources, Noel Dempsey, must take full responsibility for the escalating violence surrounding the protest now engulfing the Shell Oil project at Rossport, Co. Mayo. Garda violence and the batoning of peaceful demonstrators, leaving a number of protesters hospitalised, need to be condemned outright. The sight of gardaí throwing protesters over crash barriers is completely unacceptable. The Gardaí have become in effect the tools for imposing the Shell Oil Corporation’s agenda on the people of Rossport.
    There is only one solution, and that must be real dialogue between Shell Oil and the people of Erris and Rossport. It is time to lift the heavy Garda presence off the people of Erris and Rossport.
    The whole deal agreed between the former Fianna Fáil minister, the corrupt and discredited politician Ray Burke, and the Shell Corporation needs to be reviewed.

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