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“Remember ’98”  A commemorative history of the stirring events and personalities of the 1798 Rising produced to commemorate its 200th anniversary.

William Thompson  William Thompson: political economy and co-operative communism” (from Socialist Voice, April 2013).

James Connolly  The life and work of James Connolly (1868–1916), Ireland’s Marxist pioneer and martyr.

Members of the Irish Citizen Army  The membership roll of the Irish Citizen Army, compiled by Dr Ann Matthews.

A history of the communist movement in Ireland  An outline history from the time of the First International (1864) to 1948.

Communists and the Irish Civil War  An article by Charlie McGuire, first published in Scottish Socialist Voice.

Spanish Anti-Fascist War  An account of the Irish Section of the International Brigade in the Spanish Anti-Fascist War (1936–39).

Communist Party national officers, c. 1966: Andy Barr, Johnny Nolan, Mick O’Riordan, Hughie Moore

Some famous Irish communists

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