From Socialist Voice, October 2004

Ruling by fooling

So John Bruton, former Taoiseach and leader of Fine Gael, is to become the European Union’s “ambassador” to the United States. Under what legislation or treaty is Bruton being appointed? Only states have ambassadors. The Soviet Union had ambassadors; so also had Ukraine. The European Union does not exist as a separate legal entity. That is what is in the proposed Constitutional Treaty: that the European Union will exist as a legal entity in its own right.
     So who is John Bruton representing? Does Washington recognise the European Union as a state? Socialist Voice attempted to ascertain whether this was so but received no reply from the US embassy. Is this another case of the European Union being involved in a softening-up process and conditioning public opinion to accept that this constitution and this superstate are de facto realities?
     As an aside, they are very welcome to Bruton. This is the man who said that his greatest moment was meeting the royal sponger Charles Windsor, a so-called prince from the neighbouring island. This is the man who nearly broke the Irish peace process and danced to the unionist and British tune. He recently spoke at a meeting of the “Reform Group,” whose aims include Ireland rejoining the British Commonwealth, replacing the Irish Tricolour with the Cross of St Patrick and scrubbing the national anthem. As James Connolly wrote in 1914, “Yes, ruling by fooling is a great British art—with great Irish fools to practise on.”
     The fawning of the establishment media and their claim that this is a great honour for the Irish people is complete rubbish and only shows once again the depths of servility that they have sunk to.

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