From Socialist Voice, November 2004

Good news from American elections

On 31 October, Venezuelans went to the polls in regional elections and delivered a ninth, and perhaps final, electoral defeat to the opposition. Chávez supporters won twenty out of the twenty-two state governorships contested, and the important mayoralty of Caracas.
     The defeated governors of the opposition, most of whom had been involved in the April 2002 coup d’état, predictably refused to accept the result. After the referendum, nobody believes them, and the European media that have been predicting Chávez’s defeat for so long just totally ignored the election. The pro-imperialist parties of the Fourth Republic are in total disorder and are incapable of mounting any political challenge to Hugo Chávez.
     But they still have enormous financial resources and in their desperation are likely to resort to more violent methods. Carlos Andres Pérez, ex-president of Venezuela and wanted for corruption, urges the assassination of Chávez, and one of his colleagues repeated this on Miami television. (Have they no laws against terrorism in the United States?)
     Meanwhile in another American election ignored by our media the left Frente Amplio (Broad Front) candidate, Tabaré Vásquez, won the Uruguayan presidency, and a referendum against the privatisation of water was also carried. Throughout Latin America the old pro-imperialist elites are losing ground. The United States is trying to establish new forms of domination but is finding this very difficult indeed.

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