From Socialist Voice, May 2005

Reclaiming what?

The “protest” on the 1st of May by people who call themselves “Reclaim the Streets” brought disgrace on themselves and on the cause they claim to promote. The defacing of the statue of James Connolly was beyond belief.
    Those anarchists and other morons who defaced the statue expose a level of ignorance of who and what James Connolly stood for that beggars belief. They display all the hallmarks of people who are no threat to the system. They play at bravado and at showing how anti-establishment and revolutionary they are. If this is the level of their political knowledge and understanding, it is abysmal.
    James Connolly was the most radical thinker and activist that the Irish labour movement ever produced. He is still feared by the establishment, and held in great respect by Irish workers and their unions. By their actions these people have shown contempt for workers and a degree of arrogance towards working people that the establishment would be proud of.
    Like a lot of the wafflers from that political tradition, the deed is more important than the process. Convincing people, changing people’s minds, helping to develop the consciousness of working people is beneath these “revolutionaries.” No doubt they went home to their well-to-do districts congratulating themselves on a job well done. It would serve them better to read what James Connolly had to say and emulate what he tried to do during his life.

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