From Socialist Voice, May 2005

Fidel Castro on Luis Posada Carriles

From a speech in Havana at the beginning of a march against terrorism on 17 May

Orlando Bosch and Posada Carriles, the bloodiest exponents of imperialist terrorism against our people, have carried out tens of atrocities in many countries of the hemisphere, including the USA. Thousands of Cubans were killed or injured as a consequence of these cowardly and abominable actions.

    The same North American institutions which trained terrorists of Cuban origin also trained, with great care and attention, those who carried out the brutal attack on the Twin Towers of New York on the 11th of September, in which thousands of North Americans lost their lives.
    Posada Carriles not only participated with Orlando Bosch in the destruction of the Cuban aeroplane but for many years since has organised attempts on the lives of the Cuban leadership, and organised the bombing of tourist hotels in Cuba. Even from his prison in Venezuela he gave orders for acts of terrorism.
    These evil persons always acted under orders from the government and special services of the United States. They have been illegally absolved from all charges and punishments, as in the case of the pardon granted to Bosch by President George Bush (senior), or the present president allowing Posada Carriles to remain free for weeks in the US, which constitute flagrant violations of the laws of the country by the very people with the greatest responsibility for protecting the North American people from terrorist attacks.

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