From Socialist Voice, August 2005

London bombings used as a pretext for attacks on civil liberties

The bombing of the London underground and bus network was an act of sheer terrorism. It solved nothing. What it did succeed in doing was to give a pretext for further attacks on civil liberties in Britain and throughout the European Union.
    Imperialism and terrorist organisations like al-Qa‘ida need and feed off each other. Both have inflicted and continue to inflict terror on innocent civilians. They have used each other to further their own military and political objectives and will no doubt continue to do so in the future if imperialism needs them.
    The Muslim community in Britain is clearly deeply alienated from the rest of British society and the British state, and this alienation is easily exploited by those elements within that community who believe that striking terror within the British public as a means of hitting Blair and his clique is the way forward. As in all struggles, when imperialism attempts to impose its views and values on oppressed peoples, to place its priorities—whether economic, political, cultural, or military—over and above other nations and peoples, it will meet with resistance from the oppressed, by whatever means is at their disposal.
    The execution-style killing of Jean Charles de Menezes, the young Brazilian man working as an electrician in London, was a reflection of the deep racism that pertains within large sections of the British police. People of colour have always had difficulties and have always suffered discrimination at the hands of the British police. The young man was the son of a very poor Brazilian family who arrived in England to earn a living and to send money home to his family. Not alone did the young man lose his life but a poor family lost one of their main breadwinners.
    The shoot-to-kill policy of the police was instigated by John Stevenson, who was supposed to be investigating the links between loyalist paramilitaries and the RUC and British Army in the North of Ireland. As has been said many times over the last four decades, what the British Army, RUC and military intelligence learnt in the North of Ireland would sooner or later be applied in Britain itself; it was in the British people’s own interests to see an end to British involvement, that their own rights and civil liberties would be infringed in due course. The North of Ireland was used as a grand experimental laboratory for all kinds of population control, monitoring, surveillance techniques, shoot-to-kill and other counter-insurgency policies.
    British imperialism will not be defeated by a few bombs in the underground. It will be defeated only by the political mobilisation and action of the British people themselves. These types of actions only prolong and delay that necessary struggle.

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