From Socialist Voice, December 2005

The Northern Bank raid: What is going on?

After much talk and many raids and press leaks, a number of men have been charged, and an even greater number have been questioned, in relation to the Northern Bank robbery of 2004. The only money that has definitely been linked to the robbery was found at the PSNI leisure centre. The money found in Cork has not been linked. Phil Flynn, who was found guilty by the media of laundering the stolen money, has only been charged with having a pen gun.
    A bank employee had the period for which he could be questioned by the police extended three times before being charged. Television cameras arrived as homes were raided by the PSNI and people detained. We had one man who worked in Stormont arrested at home, while up to the previous day he walked past dozens of police going to work. Property developers in Manchester have had their homes and offices raided, yet nothing was found.
    This is a very strange method of investigation. The press are notified beforehand; people at work one day alongside the police are raided at home by them the next day. Not one cent of the money has been found in any of the raids. There has been no paper trail. What is going on?

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