From Socialist Voice, December 2005

Capitalism may be the death of us all

For decades now the ruling elements of US capitalism have refused to accept that global warming is a scientific fact. European countries have recognised it as a problem but are very slow to do anything about it.
    If more evidence was needed of the impact of global warming on our environment, look what is happening in Switzerland. The Swiss government, to prevent any further erosion of glaciers in the Alps, is now attempting to put plastic covers over what remains of the glaciers.
    The melting of the Arctic ice cap has now reached a stage where the flow of cold water from the melting ice has pushed the Gulf Stream further south, which, it is estimated, will lead to a drop in temperature of up to 4 degrees over the next decade. This will lead to colder winters and much more unstable weather.
    Capitalism may be the death of us all!

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