From Socialist Voice, April 2006

End the occupation:
Solidarity with the Iraqi people

Statement of communist and workers’ parties
on the third anniversary of the war against Iraq

The war against Iraq launched by US imperialism and its allies has been going on for three years now. Around the 18th of March, on the anniversary of the war, there will be demonstrations and protests all over the world against the continuing occupation.
    We call upon working people to strengthen their struggle and solidarity with the Iraqi people and to stop the threat of new military imperialist interventions in the region.
    As communist and workers’ parties struggling for peace, social justice, progress, and socialism, we support the legitimate right of the Iraqi people to resist occupation. We reiterate our firm solidarity with their struggle for the end of occupation, for the restoration of sovereignty and independence, and for the liberation and integrity of their country.
    We demand the immediate withdrawal of all occupation forces as a prerequisite for a democratic and sovereign Iraq, legal action against the crimes of the invaders, and full compensation for the damage they have caused.

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