From Socialist Voice, October 2006

Electronic voting a threat to democracy,
and a waste of money

The recent actions by the group “We Don’t Trust These Electronic Voting Machines” in breaking into the voting machines in the Netherlands exposed the real threat this type of voting poses to democracy.
     The group was able to gain access to the machines by using the technical information gleaned from the report of a commission on the Nedap voting machines by the Irish Government. The Government has been forced to keep its Nedap voting machines in storage, at a cost so far of €52 million.
     The recent debacle over the vote in the general election in Mexico is further evidence that vote-rigging under current condition is a reality, just as in Florida. The company responsible for the software used has been linked to similar electoral fraud in the United States.
     Another fact that has emerged as a result of the actions of the Dutch group is that a clear paper trail of people’s voting intentions is not possible. It is known from the Mexican and Florida experience that you don’t need to fiddle on a large scale, just to have a strategic approach.
     As our democratic rights come under increasing pressure, more and more governments may be tempted to push for electronic voting under the guise of greater flexibility and encouraging a greater turn-out.
     Our hard-won freedoms require eternal vigilance!

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