From Socialist Voice, November 2006

Facts about our world

Ten years after the rulers of the most powerful capitalist countries committed themselves to eliminating poverty and reducing the number of badly nourished people around the world, nothing has changed for the better. Today more than 1 billion people live below the poverty limit, existing on less than $1 a day. Nearly 3 billion live on $2 per day. Six million children die each year of starvation. 852 million people suffer from hunger, and this number increases by 4 million annually. Today starvation has more victims than AIDS, TB, and malaria.
    Only nineteen countries qualified for the boasted 100 per cent debt cancellation promise by 2005, while the remaining twenty-nine poor countries are still burdened with crippling debt, which means massive cuts in their health and education budgets. In fact the 100 per cent debt cancellation is a mere 10 per cent of the total debt of all fifty-two heavily indebted countries.

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