From Socialist Voice, February 2007

Germans secretly pushing through a constitution deal

The main Swedish broadcaster, SVT, reports that it has seen part of the classified letter the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, sent to the Swedish government earlier this month. In the letter Merkel reportedly writes that she wants to restart the EU Constitution process as soon as possible and urges the Swedish government to appoint a trusted official who could secretly negotiate Sweden’s position on the document. The letter also sets out a timetable for reviving the constitution.
     The move by the Swedish government to classify the letter has been widely criticised and runs counter to the official Swedish line of pushing for more “openness” in EU affairs.
     Concerns remain that the letter is the first step in an attempt to avoid a referendum in Sweden over a revised constitution, as politicians, primarily from the left, have urged the government to make the letter publicly available and so encourage a wider debate.
     Meanwhile Germany’s foreign minister, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, has said that members of the European Parliament will not have any significant role in the constitution revival project, warning deputies against fighting national governments over who serves Europe better or overshadowing Germany’s efforts to revive the constitution
     It is all so undemocratic that even the Europhile Parliament is not allowed to be involved—and serves to emphasise again the elite nature of the whole EU constitution project.

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