From Socialist Voice, April 2007

European Union planning to participate in the subversion of Cuba

The following letter was sent by the CPI to all Labour Party, Green Party, Sinn Féin and independent TDs and a number of independent senators. It has also been sent to the ICTU, SIPTU, the ATGWU and a number of trades councils, including the Dublin Council of Trade Unions. A copy is being sent also to prominent writers and other individuals in the world of the arts and the theatre.

A chara / Dear friend,
     As someone who over many years has expressed concern about the right of both individuals and states to express themselves and to determine their own destiny in a democratic way, we would draw your attention to the growing global attempts by both the European Union and the United States to adopt a common approach to undermining the Cuban government and to undo the gains of the Cuban people and their revolution.
     The United States and the European Union will be meeting in late May at a transatlantic summit, and information is already emerging about a US proposal to have a “common approach” to undermining the Cuban government in that meeting. Though the European Union may adopt more conciliatory language, the essence remains the same as the position of the United States: they wish to see the overthrow of the Cuban government and of the achievements of the Cuban people.
     In addition, the European Union is itself in the process of formulating a joint “long and middle-term strategy on Cuba.” From our understanding of the draft contents presented by the Czech Republic and Poland, undoubtedly at the behest of the Bush administration in the United States, this will consist of a major attack on the sovereignty of Cuba. Included in possible joint actions by member-states of the European Union are • reinforcing the so-called common position, which is an aggressive diplomatic, economic and political strategy to bring pressure to bear against Cuba, • allocating money to illegal groups in Cuba, • using member-states’ embassies in Cuba to promote subversion against the Cuban government, • allowing opposition groups to set up offices inside embassies, andá • close co-operation with the United States in attempting to bring down the Cuban government.
     In total disregard of international law and respect for the sovereignty and right to self-determination of the Cuban people, the US government appointed Caleb McCarry as co-ordinator of the so-called Commission to Assist a Free Cuba, a body whose purpose is to establish and co-ordinate the undermining of the Cuban government, to finance opposition groups, and to develop political strategies to bring this about.
     We are aware that Mr McCarry has recently visited a number of EU capitals and has had official meetings with representatives of European governments to gather support for these proposals. The fact that some governments have officially met Mr McCarry is itself a gross violation of Cuban sovereignty and is tantamount to supporting subversion and terrorism.
     Cubans have been killed and maimed by these groups, which have planted bombs and blown up passenger airliners. This would be like asking the families of the victims of the Dublin and Monaghan bombings not to ask questions about the role of the British government in those horrendous acts.
     We are writing to a broad range of organisations and individuals and also to all Irish members of the European Parliament asking them to write to the Minister for Foreign Affairs to oppose these anti-democratic proposals now under discussion within the European Union directed against the Cuban people and their government and to oppose any joint strategy or co-operation within the EU itself or between the EU and the United States in relation to the overthrow of the Cuban government.
     Cuba today; where next? Venezuela?

Yours sincerely,
Eugene McCartan
General Secretary

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