From Socialist Voice, June 2007

Governor-in-waiting of Cuba left speechless in Dublin

Caleb McCarry is a member of the US president’s “Commission for a Free Cuba” and is in charge of the “transition to democracy.” That means, among other things, handing over people’s homes and schools to the descendants of their former owners, and putting the Miami Cuban mafia in power. He is, in more appropriate words, the gauleiter in waiting—the Paul Bremer of Cuba.
     This man was invited to address students of political science in UCD while he was on a European tour to pressure the European Union into backing America’s aggression against Cuba. However, news of this meeting leaked out, and there was considerable opposition to his appearance. Protesters turned up, including members of the Cuba Support Group, Labour Youth, Ógra Shinn Féin, Éirígí, and the Communist Party.
     They condemned the School of Politics for providing a platform for this man and would not allow him to speak. He was eventually escorted from the room by four gardaí, looking extremely scared, though he was not threatened at all. Physical courage is very uncommon in warmongers.
     Unfortunately, the Department of Foreign Affairs met this man, thereby acknowledging the right of the United States to appoint a governor of another country, a country with which we have good relations.
     The open sponsorship of terrorism cannot be acceptable. Does our government acquiesce in it if it is carried out by the United States? The proposed EU anti-Cuban policy statement was blocked by Spain, but it had been supported by Ireland. How low can the Irish government stoop in appeasing the United States?
     “Transition to democracy in Cuba” means restoring the old regime. The United States has a law restoring all confiscated property to the heirs of its former owners, provided they are US citizens.
     This means that people’s homes would be repossessed, along with schools, hospitals, and agricultural land. It would mean the return of the Mafiosi who made a fortune out of gambling and prostitution, with the help of Batista, the US-backed dictator overthrown by the 26th of July Movement in 1959. But McCarry’s chances of taking up office in Cuba are slim.

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