From Socialist Voice, June 2007

Release of Cuban-American terrorist must be condemned

Statement by the Communist Party of Ireland

The release from custody on 8 May of the Cuban-American terrorist Luis Posada Carriles—who has been linked to numerous terrorist acts, including the Bay of Pigs invasion, the “Iran-Contra” affair, the bombing of a Cuban passenger airliner, and the tourist bombings of 1997 in Havana—needs to be condemned by democrats everywhere. The US government petitioned the court on 27 April to disallow any evidence or statements linking Posada to the CIA, while Posada himself argued that he has worked for the CIA for more than twenty-five years.
     In an era when the leaders of imperialism, in particular the United States, Britain and the European Union, place great emphasis on the necessity to defeat terrorism, both nationally and globally, and when the Irish political establishment allows the US military to use Shannon Airport both for its war effort in Iraq and for “rendition” flights by the CIA, they remain silent in regard to the release of a convicted terrorist by a Texas judge, Kathleen Cardone, and the dismissing of all charges against him.
     Posada was convicted and jailed in Venezuela for blowing up a Cubana de Aviación passenger plane in 1976, resulting in the death of seventy-three passengers. He was subsequently broken out of jail in Venezuela by agents working on behalf of the US government and fled to the United States to the bosom of his paymasters.
     The Communist Party of Ireland, along with Irish democratic opinion, roundly condemns the release of this terrorist and supports the demand that he be extradited back to Venezuela. We ask all democratic forces, trade unions, trades councils and democratic parties and elected representatives to express their opposition to his release and to call on the Irish government to raise the issue at the international level. We also call on them to write to George Bush expressing their concern at the role played by the US government itself.
     The CPI once again expresses its solidarity with the people of Cuba in their struggle to build a just and socialist society while suffering attacks from terrorists aided by US imperialism. The forces of imperialism have not given up their efforts to bring down the revolutionary government, which can be seen in the growing co-operation and co-ordination of US and EU efforts against their revolution.
National Executive Committee, Communist Party of Ireland
26 May 2007

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