From Socialist Voice, July 2007

CPI seeks left unity

At the 23rd National Congress of the Communist Party of Ireland last November, delegates discussed the importance of building unity among left and progressive forces throughout the country, north and south. In subsequent meetings of the National Executive Committee, left unity was further discussed.
     In June, following the outcome of the general election in the Republic, the CPI sent letters to a number of parties on the left requesting a meeting to evaluate the political situation and to see what areas of co-operation could be built.
     Communists are aware that the course of building unity will be difficult and not without setbacks, but nevertheless we feel that it is absolutely necessary. The CPI will also be reaching out beyond the traditional parties on the left and seeking meetings with trade unions, social, cultural and environmental organisations, and people’s campaigns. It is hoped to have the initial meetings held by the early autumn.
     Other initiatives taken by the CPI recently included initiating the public lobbying of all the left and radical parties, including the Green Party, that have representatives in Dáil Éireann, as well as independent TDs, in relation to the formation of a new Government. We called on political activists, regardless of their affiliation, to lobby to ensure that a number of areas would be treated as principled priority areas and would form part of any programme for government, including ending the use of Shannon Airport by the US war machine and taking into public ownership the Corrib gas field.
     The CPI has also decided to convene a meeting of left and progressive trade union activists from all over the country, north and south, in the early autumn to begin the process of rebuilding the left within the trade union movement.

■ Participation in this meeting will be by invitation only; contact the CPI at for more information.

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