From Socialist Voice, January 2008

Councils abandoning their social responsibility

Dublin City Council is trying to get rid of the ownership of flats in St Bricin’s Park in Oxmantown, whose tenants are mostly elderly or infirm citizens, and to hand them over to a private firm, Circle Housing.
    This is an unknown quantity as far as the tenants are concerned, and the proposal has caused considerable fear and uncertainty among the tenants as well as those in houses in the surrounding area.
    The tenants are not against the proposed renovation of the area but do not want Circle Housing as their landlord. The spokesperson for the company left a very sour taste after his presentations.
    Tenants would have some statutory rights by remaining tenants of the city council, as regards rent, maintenance, etc., but these would almost certainly be lost eventually if Circle Housing took over.
    This is apparently the plan for the future. Councils all over Ireland have been trying to get rid of their obligations and their social responsibility to care for their citizens, especially the old and infirm.
    This is not just about St Bricin’s Park but is a warning to local authority tenants everywhere.

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