From Socialist Voice, January 2008

“Forum on Europe” a tool of the state

The Forum on Europe was set up by the Government after the second Nice Treaty referendum to bring together all interested groups and parties to discuss matters in relation to the European Union.
    The Forum recently produced booklet on the Lisbon Treaty that does not use the official title Treaty of Lisbon but rather “Reform Treaty.” The Government wish to ensure that this treaty is presented merely as series of harmless reforms to existing treaties, containing nothing new. So there is no need to discuss the content: just vote on the grounds that EU membership has been good for us. They wish to present it as a vote for or against membership.
    The Forum on Europe is being manipulated by the state to ensure that this approach is pushed on the people in a dishonest and underhand way. The Forum is planning to hold sixty meetings around the country in the period before the referendum; so objectivity will be in short supply.

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