From Socialist Voice, March 2008


Irish observers threatened by gun-toting Israelis

On a day when the Israeli warlords carried out an extensive attack on residential areas of Gaza, killing dozens of people, including children, Irish citizens came under fire at Bilin, near Ramallah. The group was on a fact-finding tour of the West Bank and went to the weekly peaceful demonstration at Bilin.
     About a hundred people were present, and apart from local Palestinians there were some Brazilians, Norwegians, and also a number of Israeli supporters of the Palestinian community in Bilin.
     The people of Bilin are protesting against the seizure of their land to build part of the Apartheid Wall. This area is being retained by Israeli forces, although the Supreme Court of Israel has ruled that its seizure is illegal, even in Israeli law.
     On Friday 29 February the Israelis opened fire with rubber bullets and tear gas, injuring two Palestinians. Some live shots were also witnessed. Although the crowd dispersed immediately, Israeli soldiers followed them and continued to fire rubber bullets at them.
     The Irish group was virtually surrounded by aggressive gun-toting Israelis. They were held for about fifteen minutes before being allowed to leave.

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