From Socialist Voice, March 2008


Tens of thousands march for liberty and democracy

More than 50,000 members of the Portuguese Communist Party and other democratic organisations demonstrated in the streets of Lisbon on 1 March in the “March for Liberty and Democracy.”
     This initiative, organised by the Portuguese Communist Party, was an impressive demonstration of the allegiance of those who participated in it with the ideals of the April Revolution (1974) and an unequivocal expression of the strength of the Portuguese party and of its ability to organise and mobilise.
     The march constituted also a clear reply to the increasing attacks on the rights, freedoms and fundamental guarantees of Portuguese workers and the Portuguese people, in the form of several attempts to interfere in the internal affairs of political parties, among them to inspect the political parties’ files.
     The Portuguese Communist Party denounced such projects as a threat to the individual liberties of the Portuguese people and answered with the “March for Liberty and Democracy,” in which thousands of members of the PCP raised their party card while passing in front of the Constitutional Court.

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