From Socialist Voice, January–February 2009

Bob Doyle


It was with great sadness that we learnt of the death in London of Bob Doyle, who was an active participant in the Spanish Anti-Fascist War, 1936–39, and the last surviving member of the Connolly Column of the International Brigade.
     Bob was born in North King Street, Dublin, where he grew up in a family of five children. In his adult life his commitment to world peace and social justice was an example to all. Right up to his death Bob travelled throughout Ireland and Europe, speaking at many meetings so as to inform and inspire the younger generation to honour the International Brigaders and to stand up for social justice and world peace. He remained a committed anti-fascist, peace activist and communist to the end and was active in politics up to a very short time before his death. He lived his long life without regrets. He recorded his life’s work in a wonderful autobiography, Brigadista: An Irishman’s Fight Against Fascism.
     We offer our sympathy to his family, and we salute his memory.

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