From Socialist Voice, December 2009

Workers in struggle

Chickens coming home to roost

Over the last decade or so much has been said about taking the state out of economics and leaving everything to the market. A self-regulating market would make the necessary “corrections,” and all would work out perfectly. The European Union opposed state aid to state and state-sponsored companies, as that would constitute bias and would be unfair to private or monopoly companies.
     Recently the EU Commission gave €54½ million to the Dell Corporation to develop production facilities in Poland, the result of which was the announced closure of the Dell plant in Limerick, with the loss of hundreds of jobs, and the opening a grant-aided plant in Poland. This was a case of a transnational corporation playing one country off against another and pitting worker against worker in a race to the bottom—all facilitated by the EU Commission, the guardians of corporates interests.
     The closure also coincided with Dell’s buy-out of its competitor Perot Systems for $3.9 billion, further monopolising computer manufacturing. The company that had massive amounts of money to buy out competitors and received tens of millions in grants had no money to compensate Irish workers.
     It is a fact repeated constantly that a reserve army of labour is required in order to discipline those in work and to weaken and reduce their pay and conditions. Eastern Europe is now a 100-million-strong reserve army, to be exploited by European monopolies and to be used to break and undermine the advances made by workers over the last six decades.

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