From Socialist Voice, March 2010

Spreading the poison of anti-communism

We are witnessing a new wave of anti-communism with the recent opening of the trial of Mohammed Barakeh, member of the Israeli Knesset (parliament) and chairperson of Hadash (Democratic Front for Peace and Equality).
     Mohammed Barakeh faces four charges in relation to four separate incidents that occurred at demonstrations over the last three years, against the Separation Wall, the war on Lebanon, and the lack of accountability of those responsible for the killings of October 2000.
     Mohammed Barakeh, along with other members of the Communist Party of Israel, participated in hundreds of such protests and demonstrations, facing the brute force of the Israeli police and military as they attempt to suppress the rising tide of protest in Israel itself against the policies of the Zionist government.
     Repression by the Israeli state is not carried out only against Palestinians on the West Bank and in Gaza but also against those citizens of Israel who refuse to back down, who show great courage in opposing the policies of their government.
     During many of these protests Mohammed Barakeh played a prominent role in mediating with the police or the military on behalf of protesters and in some instances was subjected to violence from the police and military. As is common in these situations, the police submitted false complaints against him for assault.
     A spokesperson for the Communist Party of Israel emphasises that the charges are completely rejected by Barakeh. They are not based on any evidence that would convict him but are designed to intimidate the Communist Party and to criminalise Barakeh’s legitimate political activities and to undermine his status as a communist and an Arab leader.
     Send protest letters to Yaakov Ne'eman, Minister of Justice, or e-mail to

Meanwhile, in the capital city of Latvia—one of Ireland’s “European partners”—the annual commemoration of the Latvian legion of the Waffen-SS took place on Monday 15 March, with the participation of old Nazis and their sympathisers and the tacit approval of the government.

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