From Socialist Voice, March 2010

Party activity

Communist Party continues to build left unity

In mid-March the CPI convened a meeting of left trade-union activists from around the country to begin the necessary work of building the unity of left forces that is essential for organising the fight back. The meeting was attended by activists from a number of unions and who are members of different political parties.
     An introductory paper was presented by the CPI, outlining its strategic thinking and its approach to trade union activity at this crucial time.
     This was followed by a lengthy discussion about the steps that are necessary to move the situation forward. While the tasks facing the left are immense, those who attended this meeting believed that struggle and the correct strategic approach could achieve results.
     Demoralisation is something to be left to the pages of the establishment media and to those elements within the trade union leadership who have no faith in their own members’ ability to resist.
     It was agreed that the next meeting will take place in mid-April, and that the papers presented at the first meeting will be distributed by the CPI before the next gathering.

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