From Socialist Voice, March 2010

Centenary of International Women’s Day

In early March the CPI hosted a visit to Ireland by Joyce Moloi-Moropa, a member of the South African parliament for the African National Congress and also deputy chairperson of the South African Communist Party.
     Joyce had a very full schedule during her visit. She spoke at a fringe meeting of the ICTU Women’s Conference in Belfast, met a number of community women’s groups, and spoke at a public meeting in Belfast organised by the CPI.
     In Dublin the CPI organised two public events to mark the centenary of the decision to establish International Women’s Day. On Sunday the 7th a Celebration of Women in Struggle took place in the New Theatre to celebrate in music, song and poetry the contribution women have made to the struggle for a better world, for equality, social justice, and national liberation. Some of Ireland’s leading artists gave their services, resulting in the New Theatre being packed to the rafters. Also, the Progressive Film Club ran films all day to mark International Women’s Day, which attracted capacity audiences.
     On 8 March, Joyce met representatives of SIPTU to share experiences and to inform the Irish trade union movement of the positive developments taking place in South Africa as the process of the national democratic revolution deepens.
     She also met the executive committee of the People’s Movement to hear at first hand its analysis of the European Union and the struggle against the Lisbon Treaty.
     On the evening of 8 March, Joyce and Nessa Ní Chaiside of the Debt and Development Coalition spoke at a very well-attended meeting in Liberty Hall on the theme of “Globalisation and the women’s struggle today,” chaired by Deirdre Uí Bhrógáin of the CPI. All three speakers spoke of the effect of the present crisis of monopoly capitalism on the lives of working people and the poor, in particular on women. All emphasised the necessity to step up the struggle against the policies of such institutions as the World Bank and International Monetary Fund and to build closer links between the mass of oppressed people of the global south and the progressive women’s organisations in the developed world.
     Joyce then travelled on to speak at further engagements in Wales and England.

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