From Socialist Voice, March 2010


Education: time for change

A chara,
     The recent revelations that our children’s literacy ratings are on average within the OECD and that we are falling behind in science and maths again highlight huge problems within the education system, which has not changed that much since our former colonial masters were here.
     In another part of the world, little Cuba has a fantastic education system, based around the teachings of José Julián Martí y Perez—a system that is based on mutual community co-operation, and not a system that is based on competition.
     I know there are many who hear “Cuba” and turn off. If we are to learn from our past mistakes, and to improve on what we have, then surely it behoves our country to look for other examples in the world where we can learn. For this I merely ask to look at Cuba and to discuss its merits.
Is mise,
Paul Doran

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