From Socialist Voice, August 2010

Ordaining women priests is now a crime like the sexual abuse of children

Pope Benedict XVI has shown his true colours once again, revealing his continuing degradation of women throughout the globe and exposing the Catholic Church once again as just another global corporation protecting its capital accumulated over millennia by enslavement.
     For behind this move, which smacks of desperation as well as of blatant inequality to 50 per cent of the planet’s inhabitants, is no less a goal than retaining the church’s property and other assets.
     The document laying down the law, Motu Propio Sacramentorum Sanctitatis Tutela (2001), has put into its delicta graviora (most serious crimes) any “attempted ordination of women.” Alongside this “most serious crime” sits the sexual abuse of a minor or a mentally disabled adult by a priest. (Bishops are still excluded.)
     Pope Benedict XVI has now decreed that this aspiration by some women, and any attempt by others to support them, is on a par with the most horrific paedophilia imaginable. And this decree comes at the very time that the clerical abuse scandals are evoking horror and utter contempt for the Vatican state.
     Why has the Pope chosen this moment to launch such a violent and unprecedented attack on women? Are women getting too big for their boots? Are women now a serious threat to the very fabric of this wealthy-beyond-belief capital-hoarder?
     This is simple capitalism in its most basic, basest form. Whatever our views on religion, we must expose this capitalist attack on women. Do you realise that if you even so much as sign a petition supporting the opening of a public debate on women’s ordination you are automatically excommunicated? Many of us would care not a jot, but really, the attack by such a powerful institution cannot be allowed.
     Pope Benedict is scheduled to visit London, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Birmingham later this year, by invitation of the Queen. Pat Browne of the Women’s Ordination group has stated that “when he comes to Britain, there will be people who are deeply offended. I feel offended by it as a woman.” Other denominations, such as the Anglican Church, have taken the highly unusual step of speaking out against women and their supporters being classified as no better than sexual deviants.
     The Vatican sex crimes prosecutor, Monsignor Charles Scicluna, in his personal capacity, states that it is correct to equate these crimes. So, Mr Charles Scicluna, do you display your contempt for the sexually abused throughout the world and across the millennia, or do you display your contempt for women. Which is it?

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