From Socialist Voice, September 2010

We’re punished, they’re rewarded

The executive directors of the banks were responsible for bankrupting the banks and the economy in 2008. Right up to that time they treated themselves to obscenely high salaries. This table shows the salaries for 2007.
Bank of Ireland
R. Boucher€1,015,000
D. Crowley€1,133,000
D. Donovan€1,246,000
B. J. Goggin€3,998,000
J. O’Donovan€1,581,000
Allied Irish Bank
Colm Doherty€1,663,000
Dónal Forde€1,394,000
John O’Donnell€1,273,000
Eugene Sheehy€2,105,000
Anglo-Irish Bank
David Drumm€3,274,000
Tom Browne€1,226,000
William McAteer€1,427,000
Declan Quilligan€1,366,000
Pat Whelan€1,212,000

     At the same time the average industrial wage was €32,355; so the highest banker’s salary was 123 times the wage of a worker. Put another way, it would have taken 123 workers a year to earn the amount that the banker was paid.

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