From Socialist Voice, December 2010

Solidarity against militarism

The annual general meeting of the Peace and Neutrality Alliance (PANA) in Dublin on 4 December was attended by the chairperson of Scottish CND, Alan Mackinnon, and the national secretary of CND Cymru (Wales), Jill Geogh.
     At a post-AGM seminar, Jill Geogh gave a summary of the impact of imperialism on Wales, covering efforts to eradicate the Welsh as a distinct people as well as their language and the impact of militarism on the life of the country. On the other hand, Wales has had a long history of opposition to war, arising from parallel traditions of Nonconformist pacifism and internationalist socialism. Wales was the first country to proclaim itself nuclear-free; but Jill Geogh warned that if and when the Trident nuclear missile base was moved from Scotland (because of the “danger” of Scottish independence) the London government might try to move it to Wales. This, she said, would be opposed by the vast majority of Welsh people and would be fought tooth and nail.
     She expressed solidarity with the Irish people in their situation and said that the IMF had no right to make decisions for Ireland.
     Alan Mackinnon said there was increasing support for scrapping the Trident system as it became more and more widely realised that the £100 billion saved could be invested in jobs and services. Much of SCND’s recent activities were centred on that campaign and on working towards a Nuclear Weapons Convention to ban nuclear weapons throughout the world. Another project that was highly successful in Scotland was the Mayors for Peace movement, which had widespread support in local authorities.
     The chairperson of Irish CND, David Hutchinson Edgar, said the threat of nuclear weapons had faded in public consciousness and that there was as great a need as ever for the CND.
     The continued use of Shannon Airport as a stop-over for US soldiers was emphasised by Roger Cole, chairperson of PANA, who described it as a disgrace to the Irish Government and state.

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