From Socialist Voice, January 2011


Donegal South-West

Dear Editor,
     Cllr Thomas Pringle, far from having to fight a “rearguard campaign” (“Bye bye, Mary?” Socialist Voice, December) in the Donegal South-West by-election was on the political offensive throughout on key issues such as the social, economic and community disaster that is the EU Common Fisheries Policy as well as on policies for renewable energy, the revival of manufacturing in the area, and many others. His good result was a testimony to the fact that for him the fight on these issues is not just at election time, and this was confirmed in another article in the same issue (“Reclaiming our Seas”).
     But the reporter was correct that the Dublin media coverage was disgraceful. Maybe a group of small-party and independent candidates contesting the forthcoming general election might consider taking a constitutional case to challenge the obvious undemocratic bias of the media against small and independent political voices?
            Kevin McCorry

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