From Socialist Voice, February 2011

Build the people’s resistance—Build the people’s alternative

While the coming election is important, it is not central to what is needed. The debt grows day the day, and the Government—and, it appears, also the Labour Party and Fine Gael—have agreed to put €17½ billion from the dwindling National Pension Fund into the banks before they can draw down money from the loan sharks of the EU and IMF and their mugging “Programme for Ireland.”
     The future of our country will be decided by the ability of left and progressive forces to pull the people behind a democratic programme for change—a programme that can be realised only with the conscious mobilisation of the people. The swamp of the Dáil is to sap the energy of the people.
     After the election has come and gone we may well be in a better position to struggle. We should have more left-wing TDs, who, if they can tame their sectarianism, will be a factor in articulating the demands of the streets. We will have more Sinn Féin TDs, who, if they remain true to republicanism, will also grow. Equally we will have other left independents who will play a pivotal role in trying to bring unity between the ultra-left and Sinn Féin, and then we would have a strong, articulate voice.
     The ultra-left have yet to learn one basic lesson of life and politics: you unite your friends and divide your enemies. They have to distinguish who are their friends and potential allies.
     Our message: Vote left. Vote progressive independents. No votes for Fine Gael or Fianna Fáil!

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