From Socialist Voice, February 2011

Message of solidarity with working people and democratic forces of the Middle East

The Communist Party of Ireland expresses its solidarity with the working people and all democratic forces of the Middle East. In particular we offer our solidarity to the people of Tunisia in the overthrow of the Ben Ali regime and with the people of Egypt in their continuing struggle to dislodge the imperialist stooge Mubarak.
     Across North Africa and the Arab world, from Morocco to Amman, the allies of imperialism are facing growing resistance and opposition from the people. One can only admire the courage of the people in confronting the armed forces and heavily armed police of these despotic regimes. What is taking place is a revolt of the oppressed, especially workers and their organisations, which have been essential to the building of the people’s resistance.
     The western media, including RTE and other media outlets, are playing their usual role in framing how the peoples of the rest of the world perceive or understand what is taking place in Egypt. They have been attempting to promote and put forward what they term “leaders of the opposition” to speak about or interpret what the people of Egypt want, individuals and groups that have no record of resistance against the regime but are in fact part of the ruling clique who have controlled, dominated and suppressed the Egyptian people.
     The regime, along with its western allies, is attempting to elevate certain forces in negotiations over other forces in the classic divide-and-rule strategy, pandering to anti-Muslim fears in the West with their attempts to elevate the Muslim Brotherhood as leaders of the people’s resistance. This particular organisation was for many decades a useful tool of the British and French colonial forces in the Arab world, used to attack and suppress secular and democratic forces that opposed colonialism. They are are attempting to manage and shape the outcome in the interests of imperialism. They are trying to maintain the regime without Mubarak.
     It is the class nature of the revolt and the social forces involved, and the challenge this poses to the influence and power of imperialism, that has Obama and the European Union scrambling to present themselves as champions of the people’s struggle while working openly and covertly to thwart the people’s aspirations.
     Imperialism’s central and most strategic ally in the region, Israel, is actively collaborating with the regime, stirring up division and confusion to undermine the revolutionary-democratic struggle of the Egyptian people. Its is no doubt using its well-known skills of media manipulation and subversion to the benefit of the regime to ensure that all appears to change but nothing changes.
     We call upon Irish workers’ organisations to show solidarity and to bring pressure to bear on the Irish state to stop the EU from engaging in covert subversion of the people’s struggle for freedom and justice. It is the Egyptian people who must decide, free of all interference or “advice” about what is in their interests.

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