From Socialist Voice, April 2011

Anglo-Irish Bank records historic losses

Anglo-Irish Bank has reported a loss of €17.7 billion for 2010, a record corporate loss for Ireland. This follows a loss of €12.8 billion that the bank recorded at the end of December 2009, then setting a new record in Irish corporate history!
     The bank has received €29.3 billion from the state, with an additional €6.4 billion in its promissory note of 31 December.
     Further billions may be required as the state squanders more and more taxpayers’ money on this failed and corrupt entity.
     In addition to this it has borrowed €45 billion from the European Central Bank, which, if it cannot repay it, will be covered by the state guarantee and so may somehow miraculously show up in our national debt figures.
     For managing all this the total pay of the chief executive, Mike Aynsley, for last year came to €974,000. The package included a basic salary of €500,000, other benefits of €341,000, and employer’s pension contributions of €133,000.

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