From Socialist Voice, April 2011

The Communist Party of Ireland is calling on you to join the struggle

We are calling on progressive forces and individuals in
• trade unions
• community groups
• NGOs and
• campaigning organisations
and on
• public and private-sector workers
• small farmers
• fishermen
• the self-employed
• the unemployed
• undergrad and postgrad students
• the early retired
to join with the Communist Party of Ireland in the struggle against the vice of capitalist and imperialist domination in our daily lives.
     We especially encourage women to join the ranks, as Ireland has one of the lowest female political representations in Europe.
     We are recruiting also to facilitate setting up specialist research units so that we can organise a planned strategy of national economic, political and social policy programmes.
     The time for political rhetoric is over. Concrete policies and strategies need to be adopted in order to bring a viable alternative against the new centre-right Government.
     The Communist Party of Ireland, the constant defenders of working people, will be seeking to form the greatest and most advanced political plinth of the working-class and its allies.
     Let the dogma of the past be cleansed by the hope of a brighter future in a planned, democratic, socialist republic.

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