July 2011        

Hope and defiance

Picnic in the park

One could imagine the beautiful sculpted head of Pádraig Pearse turn in surprise on Saturday 18 June when the booming music of a samba band reached his ears in Pearse Park in Tralee. The energy they exuded stopped people in their tracks as they strolled through Pearse Park with their children—the same children who our Government expect as adults will continue to pay debt—as they made their way to the festival in the town park.
     A group of us were there to hand out Repudiate the Debt Campaign leaflets. We also had a petition saying how angry we are and how unwilling to accept the answer given by all the major parties regarding the current banking debt crisis.
     A local magician arrived and showed the children magic tricks, which enthralled us adults equally. But nothing he did could compare with the magnitude of the trick the Government has pulled on the people of Ireland regarding their bank pay-back, which is robbing us. Reflecting this, the samba band dressed as bandits, stockings over their faces and all, making them the Samba Bandits.
     Some came for our fancy-dress picnic dressed as pirates, as our theme was bandits and robbers, i.e. the banksters. One man came as the Joker from Batman. Another was dressed as a gunslinger from a Wild West saloon. We also had witches, devils, and businessmen.
     Weatherwise we were lucky and only had to endure a few light drops before securing shelter under some of the many trees as a shower passed through. Having the sun come out after this made our day. As we proceeded to hand out leaflets in the sunshine we met people who would normally support the Government who said that they fully supported repudiation of the debt.
     Perhaps the traditional support of many for the establishment is beginning to erode and people are now coming to see the wood more clearly for the trees.

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