August 2011        

Uncle Toms? Stockholm syndrome? Something worse?

“The Labour Party are a nice, respectable, docile, harmless body of men—as harmless a body as ever graced any parliament.”—Seán Lemass.
     This statement, made half a century ago by Seán Lemass, is not true. There is nothing harmless about the Labour Party. The gusto with which they have embraced their role as gombeen-men of international capitalism is truly shocking. Even among the lies, misrepresentations and vapidity of what passes for politics in this banana republic, the improper haste with which the Labour Party have turned quisling is truly shocking.
     In government, the Labour Party toils tirelessly to implement the devastating programme of the EU and IMF, laying waste to the country in the process. “Hard choices” are made. School buses are cut. Hospitals are closed. Social welfare is slashed. The Queen is feted, bankers and developers continue to have the last laugh, and bills are run up in the Dáil bar. Business proceeds as usual.
     Perhaps we should send the Labour Party a note reminding them that socialism is about the redistribution of wealth and not the crucifixion of the population. Of course these days they are probably too busy plotting economic violence against the people of Ireland to have time for such impractical concepts as socialism.
     A burning question is, Why?
     In an appendix at the back of the excellent Making of an Irish Communist Leader by Michael Quinn (available through Connolly books) is an address by one of Ireland’s foremost communists, the late Michael O’Riordan, to an Irish Labour Party conference. The address took place only ten-odd years ago. Would he could address them now!
     What is going on? Why have the Labour Party completely abandoned the working people of Ireland with such indecent haste? Are they Uncle Toms? Is it Stockholm syndrome? Is it something worse?
     Whatever the answer, there is nothing harmless about the Irish Labour Party in 2011. They are eager, earnest collaborators in the destruction of our country.

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