February 2012        

Practise what you preach!

The Catholic Church has been reeling from scandal after scandal, both in Ireland and globally, putting serious pressure on many of its loyal and faithful congregation. While many of the exposés can, to a certain extent, be attributed to the actions of a minority—not forgetting, or forgiving, the institutional cover-up and protection of those individuals—the latest development in Germany really does pose serious questions about the Catholic Church hierarchy’s motivations and morals (according to their own teaching and preaching) as well as what the hell they are thinking of and whether they think their flocks are absolute fools.
     Recently the German media reported that, despite ten years of warnings by their faithful flock, which included a seventy-page dossier sent to practically all the country’s bishops, the bishops chose to ignore the fact that their publishing company Weltbild, the second-largest bookselling company in Germany, is responsible for the publication of huge volumes of pornography.
     They pointed out that this could become public knowledge, so causing considerable embarrassment and harm to the church. The German bishops are the sole owners of this highly profitable company, which offers not only many religious and ethical publications to the public but also 2,500 pornographic titles and other publications that are obviously offensive to Catholics and Christians.
     These pornographic titles cannot be discounted as being of the “soft” variety but cover practically every type of sexual fantasy. The same company, which has an annual turnover of approximately €1.3 billion, engages also in the more “mundane” and “trivial” publishing of Satanism, the occult, esotericism, and other views.
     In addition, the same bishops own 50 per cent of another publishing company, Verlagsgruppe Droemer Knaur, which also produces pornographic publications.
     Well, money talks!

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