March 2012        

Workers in struggle

The recent struggles on our home turf by workers to gain what is rightfully theirs, be it in Vita Cortex or La Senza, are but a taste of what is happening on a global scale.
     In Canada, workers have been engaged in a three-month lock-out with the French transnational Keolis, whose subsidiary in Canada, Acadian Coach Lines, locked out its employees because of a labour dispute. The dispute began because the company presented a concessionary contract to drivers, mechanics, and sales agents, who are all members of the Amalgamated Transit Union. More than 88 per cent rejected the proposed contract.
     In Grenada, 125 workers have been on strike and without pay since Christmas.
     In South Africa there has been a prolonged unprotected strike at the Impala Mines outside Rustenburg. The company is trying to implement “adjustments” to collective agreements (sounds familiar).
     What is characteristic of this particular strike is the action of the employers in using force, which has resulted in strikers being killed.
     Workers’ unity is paramount for the successful conclusion of any struggle and winning what is rightfully ours, be it in Ireland or on a global scale. The struggle continues!

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