June 2012        

Vote No Campaign welcomes Donegal result

The Vote No Campaign welcomed the No vote in Co. Donegal in the referendum on the fiscal treaty while expressing disappointment that nationally the treaty was carried.
     Micheál Mac Giolla Easbuig of the Vote No Campaign said: “The people of Donegal are to be congratulated on rejecting the Fiscal Treaty. They have seen through the government lies, just as they did with the household charge.
     “The past weeks have seen a succession of government figures descend on our county: Frances Fitzgerald, Ruairí Quinn, Brian Hayes, James O’Reilly, and even the Taoiseach, Enda Kenny himself. Now that voting is over we can expect that Donegal will once again be forgotten about until they want our votes again.
     “Ruairí Quinn was nowhere to be seen when parents were marching against rural school closures recently. James O’Reilly will not be around when patients are left on trolleys in corridors in Letterkenny General Hospital. Frances Fitzgerald will not be here when the next parents of special-needs children find their domiciliary care allowance taken away.
     “The government has only succeeded in getting a Yes vote overall on the basis of financial blackmail. They created a fear that the country would run out of money to leave people feeling there was no real choice. The vote does not represent a vote for them, or for austerity. The austerity programme has been a disaster for the economy and will continue to cause hardship for many, with no prospect of working.
     “The fight against austerity will continue. Any attempt to collect the hated household tax from non-payers in Donegal will be met with ferocious resistance. There is no chance we will pay property tax, or water tax either.”

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