June 2012        

Noonan is off getting his orders

Fresh from threatening the Irish people with even harsher budgets if they voted No, the minister for finance, Michael Noonan, attended the annual conference of the Bilderberg Group, the secretive corporate think-tank, taking place in the United States. He was one of 145 politicians and big-business representatives summoned to attend.
     Noonan is not the only representative of the Irish elite who attended. Also there was Peter Sutherland, former attorney-general, former EU commissioner, and chairman of Goldman Sachs, as well as Paul Gallagher, another former attorney-general.
     This illustrious gathering discussed “austerity and growth”—that is, how do they further the attacks on workers and their families. They also discussed “democracy” in China, Russia, and the Middle East.
     But of course this corporate gathering was not open to public scrutiny; no statements or resolutions will be published; we will never know what precisely they decided; but we will surely feel the effect of the decisions taken behind their closed doors.
     The Irish elite are well integrated in the process and all too willing and eager to co-operate in the divvy-up of the global spoils.

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