June 2012        


United States preparing for possible attack on China

The announcement in early June by the Obama government of new strategic naval plans for the Asia-Pacific region is a very dangerous move and may well push the world closer to a military conflict involving China and possibly to a third world war.
     The United States is intending to move 60 per cent of its naval fleet to that region by 2020. The Secretary of “Defence,” Leon Panetta, is on a tour of the region, attempting to find political support and to twist a few arms in order to establish a ring of naval bases in the region, from the Philippines to Australia. Recently the United States sent marine troops to Australia for the first time.
     Most of this naval fleet will carry strategic nuclear weapons. This development links into the nuclear weapons already deployed on land. Many people believe that the United States still retains such weapons in South Korea. The United States remains one of the chief obstacles to ending the partition of Korea and the division of its people.
     Panetta said that the new moves underline America’s intention to remain what officials described as a “resident” Pacific power. This is another step in the strategic plan to encircle China and to keep an eye on Russia. The United States is concerned by the growing economic power and political influence of China, not only in the Asia-Pacific region but in other areas of the world, such as Africa. This is all part of the continuing struggle to carve up the world into spheres of strategic influence, and to control resources within those areas of influence. It is a strategy that is as old as capitalism itself.

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