July 2012        

Slavery alive and well in Kildare

The much-hyped “National Internship Scheme,” Job Bridge, is increasingly being exposed as a sham and an opportunity by a growing number of employers for intensified exploitation of workers, while also allowing them the opportunity not to fill full-time positions. Opposite is an advertisement from the official Job Bridge site. The company was looking for someone to work on an “internship” in a Chinese restaurant, for forty hours a week.
Ref. INTE-687662

The intern will gain practical experience in the following: Serving customers in restaurants and receiving clients or guests, Performing physical activities such as balancing, walking, lifting and handling of materials. The intern will receive formal/informal training in the following: Customer and Personal Service, Communicating with Supervisors and Peers, Assessing Qualities of Service, Products, or People. On completion the intern will have attained skills in Active Listening - Giving full attention to what other people are saying. Service Orientation, Social Perceptiveness, Speaking - Talking to others to convey information effectively, Judgement and Decision Making.

Skills Requirements
Dependability - Internship requires being reliable, responsible, dependable,and fulfilling obligations. Self Control - Internship requires maintaining composure. Attention to Detail - Internship requires being careful about detail and thorough in completing work tasks. Integrity - Internship requires being honest and ethical.
Please Note:
This is an Internship. An allowance of €50 per week will be paid in addition to your current Social Welfare payment. See eligibility criteria above.

New Kingsland Chinese Restaurant Division

The Organisation will assign a mentor to support you during the Internship.

9 Months
The honourable term “intern” for a trainee doctor has been stolen by businesses and is now used to mean an employee, allegedly receiving training, who works for no wages. The depth to which we have sunk can be seen from the advertisement reproduced here for a “trainee” to work in a Chinese restaurant for nine months in exchange for unemployment assistance and pocket money.

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