September 2012        

Peter Daly Commemoration

The Peter Daly Committee held its annual commemoration at Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford, on Saturday 1 September to honour the communist, republican and International Brigader, a son of the village of Monagear, who died fighting fascism and defending the Spanish people.
     There was a good turn-out of local people, joined by supporters from Dublin, Belfast, Monaghan, Waterford, Mullingar, and Dundalk. Wreaths were laid by the committee and by Peter Daly’s family, by the CPI, Anti-Fascist Action, and other organisations.
     The commemoration was a dignified and militant expression of resistance, a fitting tribute to Peter and a firm rebuttal to the neo-Nazi hooligans who desecrated the memorial a few days before the commemoration was to take place. They attacked it with hammers and paint, damaging part of the memorial stone as well as the steel plaque and the coloured emblem of the Spanish Republic.
     Then, as now, these elements “shall not pass” but will be met with the same vigour with which the international volunteers met the fascists in Spain.

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