September 2012        


Commemorating Che Guevara

To the Editor.
     In the late fifteenth century, the seventeenth century and most of the eighteenth the two main landed families in Co. Galway were the Blakes and the Lynches.
     The Lynches built Balcurrin House, sited between Headford and Cong, in the later part of the seventeenth century. There were approximately 600 acres on this particular estate. The house was rebuilt by the Lynches in the eighteenth century, and it is likely that about that time some of the Lynch family set their sights on the unravished Argentina.
     There would be reason to believe that they would not be as impoverished as were the later Famine refugees. The procurement of vast tracts of land would be easily accessible.
     Hence the start of Che Guevara’s ancestral line in Argentina, and the family link between Galway and the revolutionary freedom fighter.
     A memorial to Guevara in Eyre Square would complement that of our own Socialist Republican, Liam Mellows, and would give an international dimension to the continuing struggle for National, Political and Social Independence against the gathering advances of international capitalism.

     John Meehan
     Co Mayo.

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