November 2012        

The reality of local government reform

The minister for the environment, community and local government, Phil Hogan, introduced his recent reform of local government with much fanfare, saying he expected to save €420 million over the next four years. He didn’t say how much funding from central government to local authorities has been reduced since 2007; but the comptroller and auditor-general in his report for 2011 does just that.
Exchequer funds votes and other votes€4,413 million€2,909 million–€1,504 million (–34%)
Other funding sources
Local Government Fund€1,049 million€561 million–€488 million (–47%)
Environment Fund€40 million€39 million–€1 million (–3%)
Funding for all government sources€5,502 million€3,509 million–€1,993 million (–36%)
Vote for Department of Education and Skills€272 million€355 million+€83 million (+31%)
less vote for education€5,230 million€3,154 million–€2,076 million (–40%)
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